The large majority of the adults I teach are beginners, but I can also help those who want to regain their previous level of skill or are already at a more advanced level. I can teach any style of music although beginners learn the basics first through classical pieces and folk songs.


I am fully CRB checked and very experienced in teaching children aged 7 and older. I can teach siblings together in group lessons, with music games to help train the ear.

Older children will often need lots of encouragement and daily reminders or prompts to do their practice. Younger children will also require help with reading lesson notes through each week to make sure they understand what they need to do.

Children should be able to do the following in order to begin piano lessons;

  • Comfortably count to 10

  • Comfortably recite the alphabet from A to G forwards and backwards

  • Answer questions like “What comes before the letter C?” or “What comes after the number 5?” 

  • Be willing to practise regularly for 15-20 minutes

Lesson Content

Musical interpretation – learning about dynamics, tempo and style

Aural listening activities – developing ability to pick out a tune, identify chords, intervals and rhythms

Scales & arpeggios – build independence between the fingers and hands, increase dexterity, co-ordination and improve performance

Sight-reading – learning how to read music in the most efficient way

Noteworks App – the quickest and most fun way of learning to read notes!

Focus on articulation – learning the different techniques for legato and staccato playing

Music Theory – (ABRSM workbooks 1&2) understanding how music is written

Listening to the music of various composers to discover different styles of music

Improvisation, encouraging instinctive ability to create and compose

Pedalling technique – learn how to use the sustain and soft pedals to make different sounds

Exam preparation and entry if required